Just Czech-ing In

Hey friends!

I got back yesterday from what as a fantastic weekend spent in Barcelona and Paris, and have been studying for the two tests I take today, so I’ve been unable to start writing posts yet.  But don’t worry!  When they’re done I’ll start typing away, and you’ll get to hear all about how I stayed out until 5 AM, spent 8 hours in one day on the beach and still managed to get in 12.5 miles of steps, and watched the best ballet I’ve ever seen in my life.

Also, I was planning on going to Prague this weekend, but unfortunately, the train gods have decided I’m not supposed to, as all the reservations to get there are booked.  Jordan and I are trying to find something else to do close by, but if not, we can always stay in, clean our dorm room (heaven knows it needs it), and braid each other’s hair or something (IDK, we’ll get bored).

While you’re patiently waiting to hear more about my weekend, peep my VSCO grid for some pictures to tide you over.

15 more days until I’m back in the good ole U.S. of A!



PS- That picture up there is because I miss my school and my girls and am getting so excited for fall semester!

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