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Yesterday, GTL took us all on our second field trip of the summer.  It was a marked improvement upon the first one (read about that here), mostly due to the superior food and free time.

We split into groups, one going to Luxembourg to visit the European Investment Bank, the rest going to Strasbourg.  Mine headed for the European Court of Human Rights, while others went to the European Parliament and the Eurocorps.

We left Metz around 8 AM, taking the two hour drive to Strasbourg as communal nap time.  They started us off with snacks at 8:30, pre-empting any complaints of hunger we might have had.  They learn quick.

When we arrived, our group headed to the European Court of Human Rights, part of the judicial arm of the Council of Europe.

We were led to the press room (so official!), where we were shown a video about the establishment and purpose of the Court and its original Convention of Human Rights.  Next, a lawyer explained in more detail the workings of the court and how one might go about presenting a case.  I was impressed by how many questions my classmates asked- that’s how you know people are paying attention!  Personally, I was shocked that the system could work at all, as it seems to have jurisdiction over too many people for its own good.  But it’s still in place, so it must work at least a little (I’d hope).

Next up was lunch, which was magically delicious.  No, it wasn’t a bowl of Lucky Charms- that would be awesome.  But it was a fantastic sandwich, some chocolate mousse, and water all eaten on the lawn outside the Council of Europe main building.

After lunch, the busses took us to the city center for FREE TIME!  Wow!

Strasbourg is known for its cathedral, so we headed there.  It has one of the oldest astronomical clocks that strikes every day at 12:30 and is celebrating its 1000th year of existence, which was pretty cool.

Outside the cathedral was just as beautiful.  All of the towns that straddle France and Germany are adorable, with the perfect mix of French and German buildings, and flowers everywhere.  We stopped for pictures, of course.

Megan, Jordan, and I on a bridge.
Megan, Jordan, and I on a bridge.
Megan, me, Jordan, and Caroline pose in front of a giant barrel (hopefully full of beer!)
Megan, me, Jordan, and Caroline pose in front of a giant barrel (hopefully full of beer!)

We didn’t have much time before our bus was scheduled to leave, so we headed to a frozen yogurt shop.  Because priorities.

It was a great decision, because it was probably the best froyo I’ve ever had.  I love plain forzen yogurt, especially when there’s Oreos in it, so I was a happy happy camper.  Yay Yogurtlandia!

I couldn't help but taking a bite before taking a picture.
I couldn’t help but taking a bite before taking a picture.

At this point it was time to go, so we walked back to the bus and rode it home.  Jordan and I spent the night studying for the final we both take today, as well as working on another test we have due soon.

We are getting so excited for our weekend in Barcelona and Paris!  Just a few more days of class to get through until then.

With Love,


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